Why register company in Azerbaijan

Company registering advantages


We keep things simple, with a clear, easy to follow process, and some handy tools. We’ve also banished jargon, so you’ll know what’s what.

New markets

Free introduction to the markets of the CIS and Georgia with 270 million consumers and 1.6 billion.

Transit Center

A significant transit center, through which the East-West, South-North, South-West transit routes pass.

Easy Taxation

Competitive tax regime - corporate tax-20% / VAT-18%, Simplified tax-2% or 4% / personal income tax – 14 to 25%, WHT – 10% and tax holidays.


No licensing for currency operations involving the movement of capital. No legal limitation on ownership.

Local Special Zones

Residents are free from bellow mentioned tax for 7 years:
Property tax / From land tax / Corporate income tax / VAT on imported equipment /Import from the Russia for the equipment offered.

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